Red-Letter Day

It was the end of the day before I noticed how great it was. It was the first day I felt like I was on summer vacation. I know I’m starting it about a week behind everyone else, but today is what it’s all about.

I woke up to a relatively clean apartment, which I actually had time to tidy yesterday. I drank the full press of coffee, Whole Foods Organic Red Sea Blend. Delicious. I didn’t have to leave any behind or carry it around with me. I could quietly savor it all.

I didn’t have to rush through my morning routine; instead, I took delight in each unhurried cosmetic step.

I met my mom and sister for shopping at Millenia, something I haven’t done in more than a year. I haven’t had an outing with the girls in too long, and the shopping between moms and daughters and sisters is a grand and uniquely wonderful thing.

And then I found some great, and I mean great sales. The best one? My favorite designer jeans, normally embarrassingly expensive, on clearance, for $28.50. Really. Weirdly, they had TWO pairs in my size. I have never owned two pairs of these at once before. In fact, I’ve only ever owned 2 of these cost-prohibitive pairs in the last six years.

And it didn’t stop there! Everywhere I went, it was like there was fairydust sprinkled by the Sale Fairy (who’s never before been this powerful) and everything I wanted to buy was magically 70% off!!

I am not sure if my belief in the Sale Fairy is a sign I should shop more, or less, by the way.

During lunch, I got to see the U.S. come back in the second half to tie Slovenia, even if the win was stolen from us by the worst referee in South Africa.

And we had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, which is so glamorous and lovely, and also had the soccer game on in the bar.

We hurried home and I got to meet a friend at Gator’s to watch the England match. The game was poor, but the company was great, the conversation enlightening, and the beer so good I almost forgot about Wayne Rooney’s uselessness.

My dad came home today, and he was in good form. I’m looking forward to a laid-back weekend celebrating Father’s Day.

Finally, I had dinner tonight with my dear friends Jon and Anna, who met me for pizza. I have to confess, I had pizza twice today. It is (unfortunately, for health reasons) one of my very favorite foods. And this was two sets of fine, fresh, gourmet pizza. I’d call any day where a person can twice eat great versions of her favorite food a good day on its own, let alone all of this one’s other shining moments.

Last, Jon and Anna are some of my very favorite people. I laughed so hard tonight the people around us were maybe a little annoyed. When I recounted my day to them, it was Anna who totaled it up and pronounced it a really great day.

I could only agree and hope to recognize the next great day for myself before its over.

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