40-Day Bare Face: Day 5 – Liturgy & Lipstick

Alarm. Why. so.early. Who do I need to kill for this?  What day is it?
Sunday. Church. What am I going to wear?
I should have set my clothes out last night.  
I need coffee before I can solve this problem.
I have that red sweater clean. We’ll go with that.
 Oooh. That red sweater means red lipstick.
Yesssss…I love Today, I just decided.
Ok. Hair. I like the buttons on the back of that sweater, so I should probably put it up.
Hmm. It’s still curly from last night. Ponytail with a red ribbon. And a braid in front. Done.
I love this ribbon.  I think it came on that Christmas present from Mom.
 Man. I want to make things beautiful like she always does.
Wow. You can tell I had a good time last night. Those are some DARK circles.
Don’t care. It was worth it. That was a good beer. And everyone knows I’ll lose sleep for conversation like that, no question.  That thing he said… I wonder if he meant…? I must remember to follow up with him about that thought…eh. I’m probably the only one who’s still caring about that point. Still…
Where is my MAC concealer? That’ll help. Man. I love this Laura Mericer powder. It sure evens things out. I hope it lasts through this crazy day.
This reminds me of that conversation I had with Cortney about blonds having blotchy skin. Go ahead and try, you olive-skinned, dark-featured people. You JUST TRY to understand what we blondes are dealing with here. Yeah. “Blondes have more fun”, but we have to work a little harder to make sure last night’s “fun” doesn’t show the next day.
There. That’s nice and even.
Even, but pale. Now some blush so I don’t look dead.
Ok, if I’m doing red lipstick, and this is church, minimal eyes.
 Don’t kid yourself. You don’t even know what “minimal” means. It’s all you can do to neglect those false eyelashes over there.
True. But I do NOT need false eyelashes for a Sunday. Technically, I don’t need them ever. #firstworldproblems and all that.
Besides, this is great mascara. I am glad the Sephora girl pointed it out.
Yikes. I look like a Kewpie Doll. Where is that lash comb? Ooh. I bet this other mascara will make them longer. And one more coat for good measure.
Eyeliner. Today? Like the Pan Am girls. Those are such cool cat eyes. I was born in the wrong era. Whoops. Too much. Fix that. We’re not going for Amy Winehouse, here. 
This MAC gel liner looks like a pot of fountain pen ink. I love that I get to put it on my face. Maybe that was Amy Winehouse’s problem. She liked the feel of gel liner, too.
No. That was NOT Amy Winehouse’s problem. She had bigger ones. She really needed Jesus. And less drugs. No drugs. She needed NO drugs. And real mercy for all that pain. Lord, I don’t know of  any, but I know there are people in Your church today with hearts that hurt like hers. Please have mercy on them. Bring them comfort and freedom. Show me how I can help.
Where is my eyeliner brush?  I have GOT to clean out this bag. I don’t need all this stuff.
I don’t need all this stuff. Now I sound like Lindsay.
But I DO need this new Urban Decay Shadow! I forgot I had that!
I can’t believe I’m donning an eye shadow called “Sin” for a Sunday Morning. I’m probably going to hell for that. Oh great. My other one is called “Midnight Cowboy Rides Again.”  If I don’t tell people that, no one will ask what he was riding… They might ask, though, why I have glitter on my face. Don’t care. This eyeshadow is pretty and I can wear what I want. But “Midnight Cowboy…” to church??
Ok. This is funny but it’s also Sunday morning. I need to get my head in the game.
God, grant me the ability to see Your people with Your eyes, this morning. Holy Spirit, please begin now bringing me present with Your Presence and the Father’s people.
Where’s my…?  That’s right. I left my lipstick in my Kate Spade bag from last night. I think I’ll just keep using this bag today. It goes with my sweater.
It’s a good weekend when I get two days in Dior Red lipstick AND my Kate Spade bag. Remember Lord? Remember when you gave me this bag? And my lipstick was a gift from mom, too—or, YOU, rather, but through Mom. Thank you for blessing me with such vibrant beauty I can carry and wear. It’s hard to forget you love me with these.
Oh! I can also wear my Kate Spade London Calling Bracelet from Beth! I LOVE that bracelet.  God, bless Beth and Ben today. Bless them the way they have blessed me.
Lipstick. I came out of the bathroom for my lipstick. Ooh. There’s a little coffee left. Ok. Finish coffee. Brush Teeth. THEN Lipstick.
Where’s my watch? Bathroom Counter. Damn. Is it really that late? 
Guess I’ll do my lipstick in the car. 


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  1. You should know, you had me giggling early on, but full-on *crying* by Midnight Cowboy. It's like we share a brain or something.

  2. This is beautifully written – I can hear you and see you, frantic spasms around your place to get yourself together. What a potent juxtaposition following the calm, pensive, focused-on-God's-image reflections from the previous few days. You inspire me and I am addicted to your blog. The time difference kills me – I realized I was hooked when I got upset this morning (your just-past-midnight) when there wasn't a new post….Love you!

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