40-Day Bare Face: Day 29 – Unfiltered

Where I’m Unfiltered: “I was so jealous of her right then. And she was supposed to be the crazy one.”

Monk on The Road

I am a master of special effects.

Until you see it, you wouldn’t believe what I can accomplish with tricks and tools in my makeup bag.

Bare Face

I’ve been lamenting the loss of the pretty things, like the mascara and red lipstick, but there’s one daily monster that comes with a bare face. I have to work pretty hard to keep it from eating me a live.

Without makeup, there’s no editing. No concealing. No power over the things about my face and my skin I don’t like. Which, let’s face it, is the tip of the insecurities iceberg.

Very often when people hear about my Lent project, they offer encouragement on how nice I look without makeup, how real, how clean, etc. I am grateful for all the encouragement, but I don’t know what to do with it. I simply can’t believe that things are ok–more than ok, good–if…

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