40-Day Bare Face: Day 34 – Loosed

Holy Week Reflections, Monday: Clearing the temple.
“Let’s be honest. There is a big part of me that is just waiting for the Maniac with the homemade whip to leave so I can go back to doing what I do best: vying for my security by profits from my own schemes and efforts;
brokering my own grace with God and others
in the currency of approval.

Monk on The Road

I am doing everything I know how to fully enter Holy week this year. I am tracking Jesus, reading the different Gospel accounts, using my imagination to put myself in the events of the final week of a Man who knows it’s His final week as one.


I keep reading all these posts and articles about Jesus clearing the temple on Holy Monday. They range from reckoning with the force atypical of Jesus’ ministry demeanor (Was He angry? Was He urgent? What was that about?)  to standing triumphantly in “cleared” temple courts, thankful that Jesus loved us enough to expel all the profiteers.

I just really saw that going differently.

Those money-changing businesses had likely been there for years. There were sophisticated connections and systems in place that benefit more than each table owner. This random Guy from out of town (and most people in that courtyard were from out…

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