Holding Pattern

Some days I feel like I am on a long flight home. Where I’ve been was great, but where I’m going is better. Only instead of landing when I think I’m supposed to, Air Traffic Control put my plane in a holding pattern.

Now, half the time I am actually flying away from home. I know Air Traffic Control can see all the weather and all the planes and all the runways better than I can, and I’m glad this keeps me safe, but..

I’m aggravated. I am not supposed to be still on the plane. Now I’m flying in long circles so I don’t even know how far away I am.

I’m lucky, at least, to have a charming seat partner with whom I’m having brilliant conversation. In any other circumstances, I’d be savoring every minute of it.

But I am cramped and hungry and my delight is tainted by how much I just want to land and get off the plane.

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  1. Something is wrong when *you're* the one making the lovely airplane analogies. So, to continue it…Maybe the weather at your destination is still cloudy and unfit for landing. Maybe the trip's itinerary is just a series of stopovers and connections. I am, however, confident that all this is better than being marooned on some island with no airstrip.That said, you clearly boarded in the wrong class. Come up front, where we're eating ice cream sundaes and more choices for in-flight entertainment.

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